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Welcome to BackOffice Payroll!
BOP is a complete Back Office Payroll solution for business service organizations that want to process payroll for their clients. We do all the work and private label the reports with your company name.

Channel Partner Program
If you are processing payroll for your clients and thinking of outsourcing, but want to keep total control then this might be the solution for you. As a channel partner, we become your backoffice payroll service department without you having to make the investment, take the exposure or possess the experience.

Your clients transmit their payroll data via phone, fax, spreadsheet, email and even the web. We process it giving them all the advanced services they require. Then we securely email you all the reports and you package your clients' payrolls in your office...just as if you processed it.

  • The payroll reports display your company name.
  • Our online payroll system is branded with your company name.
  • You set your prices and choose how to bill your clients- from our wholesale fee's
  • 24x7 access to all your clients' data via the Internet
  • No software to buy
  • Professional Payroll interaction with your clients is optional

We bill you our low Channel Partner prices, and you resell the payroll services at your normal billing rate.

As an Professional Channel Partner, you will spend less time processing payrolls, while offering more services and increasing profit margins.

Become A Partner
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